``The healing of the land and the purification of the human spirit is the same process.``

– Masanobu Fukuoka


At Roman Empire Farms, our mission is to support your well-being through the therapeutic wonders of the hemp plant. We are committed to growing the finest quality hemp used in every product we make.


Conceived in Brooklyn, NY and grown in historical upstate New York, Roman Empire Farms is the manifestation of media professionals Oksana Pidhoreckyj and Adam Corrigan’s dream. Always passionate about all things organic and sustainable, Oksana and Adam have created a collection of hemp products that combine their family’s heritage and values with their own commitment to helping others lead healthier and happier lives. Their decision to leave their successful media careers and shift focus to hemp farming with the support of their local community, has been the most satisfying of their lives. Roman Empire Farms is thrilled to share their dedication and hard work with all of you!


A unique and secret “ingredient” in Roman Empire Farms CBD products is Roman Pidhoreckyj, Oksana’s father. A successful lathe machinist, 51 years ago, he bought the farm in New York State’s Fort Plain, a village on the Mohawk River named after a fort built during the American Revolution. It was a summer and weekend getaway where Roman and his wife Olena, grew tomatoes, onions, cabbage, beets, string beans, cucumbers, and dill. Their homemade tomato sauce and canned pickles made them very popular with their Brooklyn neighbors. In recent years Roman has been fermenting blackberries into an elixir when added to tea is a wonderful remedy for cold symptoms. Roman was a natural to join Oksana and Adam’s hemp business!


The significance of the name “Roman Empire Farms” runs deep, created by Oksana and Adam with intention, blending personal histories and a commitment to sustainable agriculture. Let’s delve into their story:

Roman: A Tribute to Oksana’s Father
At the heart of the farm’s story is Roman Pidhoreckyj, Oksana’s father, whose skills as a lathe machinist and love for the land provided the foundation for their farming endeavors. Incorporating “Roman” into the name honors his legacy, representing not only cultivation but also community and tradition.

Empire Farms: Rooted in New York State
The term “Empire Farms” pays homage to New York State’s rich agricultural heritage, known as the “Empire State.” Situated in this landscape of innovation and growth, Oksana and Adam’s farm reflects a dedication to sustainable practices and land stewardship.

In summary, Roman Empire Farms stands as a tribute to family, heritage, and sustainability, deeply rooted in New York’s fertile soil. More than just a brand, it symbolizes the enduring connection between generations and the commitment to a greener, healthier future.