Our soil has been untouched by chemicals or farm crops for more than 30 years.

2020 Season: Berry Blossom 

Dense and sticky, Berry Blossom is a strain that’s well deserving of its name. The unique hybrid descends from the Chardonnay and the Cherry Kandahar S1 strains that create the perfect union of floral and fruity flavors for the unique Berry Blossom flavor profile.

2021 Season: Lifter

With vigorous bushy, upright growth patterns, this strain is full of large, oily “goldilocks” buds, perfect for the trimmed hemp flower and a standout favorite among CBD enthusiasts. The flavor is sweet funk, with some hints of fuel. Pound for pound, this just might be the most lucrative CBD producer around.

2022: Special Sauce

Containing exotic astringent berry smells, beautiful pink pistils, and some of the highest CBD content of any industrial hemp on the planet, this strain is a fan favorite. The flavors are otherworldly.


We make sure to take extra special care with the hemp seedlings during the planting process. We talk to each plant in hopes that the sound of our voice would stimulate their growth. Since 1800 biologists have studied whether or not talking to plants would accelerate their growth and research studies by the Royal Horticultural Society confirmed that plants do in fact respond to human voices! We told each seedling that they would be protected by the spirits of the soil and their new home was a special place for them to grow. 



Hemp requires 100-120 days to mature and harvesting at the right time would keep our hemp crop below the .3% THC threshold necessary for compliance. Our target was 120 days from when the seedlings were planted in the ground. We harvested the larger plants first, by cutting the stalks from the base with shears and loaded onto the hay wagon. The branches were trimmed off the stalks and then pulled through a “bucking” device made by Roman. This deconstructed hemp is called biomass and must be dried before being sent to the processor.



Our biomass is brought to a local drying facility and once dried it is then transported to a premier processing facility. The biomass is processed into full-spectrum crude oil which is then used to formulate all Roman Empire Farms products. Roman Empire Farms products are formulated and developed with the highest standard and quality for your optimal enjoyment. All products are third-party lab tested at FDA registered facilities and are extensively tested for purity and potency.