“My 13 year old German Shepherd has been suffering with degenerative myelopathy for the last few years and had recently lost control of her hind legs and I thought it was the end. I tried everything but nothing helped until I tried this CBD oil. I could not believe the changes she has experienced. She’s now walking 100% on her own, has no more anxiety, and has seen a complete turn around. My dogs mean the world to me and this CBD oil has given Angie her freedom back!!”

Will R.

“I had been suffering from migraines and asthma and I have to say since I started using Roman Empire Farms CBD I have been feeling much better!”

Marisol Natiello
“I started taking Roman Empire Farms CBD products a month ago to cure acute shoulder pain. The pain pain relief was almost immediate and within a week of taking it everyday, the inflammation completely went away. Their products are high quality and the results speak for themselves!”
Sam Patel

“Roman Empire Farms CBD oil gives me the perfect balance of calm and comfort without unraveling my focus or hindering my cognition. I’m convinced the pristine flavor derives from their local organically grown hemp harvested with love and care from the people of Roman Empire Farms.”


“Roman Empire Farms Cinnamint Flavor smoothly hits your palate like a burst of light. The taste is so pleasant and I immediately feel it’s calming effect in my throat and heart chakra and all my muscles begin to relax. This CBD oil is superior to all the others that I have tried on the market which typically taste dirty, heavy and leave me feeling groggy. REF CBD oil feels light, clean and rejuvenating. I give it an 11!”

Julie Tussey

“Ever since I started taking Roman Empire Farms 1200mg CBD Full Spectrum hemp extract, I’ve found I’m sleeping more soundly and I’m more relaxed throughout the day. As a mother of two active young boys, I need all the sleep I can get!”

Kathleen V.

“My master puts a few drops of Roman Empire Farms Bacon flavor CBD on my breakfast every day! Not only is it yummy, but it feels good in my tummy!”

Jojo N.

“I started taking Roman Empire Farms CBD oil two months ago for pain and inflammation relief particularly in my wrist and feet. I have seen substantial improvement of mobility with decreased pain. I take it right before bed and notice I fall asleep faster and stay asleep, waking up refreshed.”

Gary C.

“I take Roman Empire Farms CBD before I go to bed and it really relaxes me. I love the smooth mellow earthy taste. It makes me feel like I am eating whipped cream: An experience. Knowing it’s planted, harvested and nurtured by the owners themselves on their magnificent land makes it even more special. Thank you for creating this with so much love and dedication.”

Nastassja M.

“I’ve had chronic back and sciatic pain since my mid 30’s and tried several CBD brands to help with inflammation. It’s difficult to know which ones are legit until trying them, but I could tell almost immediately that Roman Empire Farms was a quality product made with exceptional ingredients.”

Pat McCarty