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This combination of natural oils will help relieve headaches, arthritis, muscle pain, itchy skin, anxiety, mood swings, and insomnia. Ideal for small areas like temples, forehead, wrists, and hands.

0.34oz bottle contains 800mg full-spectrum hemp extract

Simply apply to the forehead, temples, wrists, hands, or knees. Massage into skin. Apply as needed. Avoid contact with eyes.

Formulated with organic full-spectrum hemp extract, organic MCT oil (coconut oil), organic lavender essential oil, and organic peppermint oil.

No Animal Testing

Gluten Free


No parabens, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors or dyes, sulfates, GMO’s, or Betaine.


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14 reviews for 800mg Mind Relief Roll-On

  1. Alex J.

    This is best CBD topical I’ve ever used. It is stronger than any other brand I’ve tried and it smells AMAZING! I primarily use it on my forehead to relax after a long day, but it has also been great relieving arthritis in my wrist from an old injury. It works within minutes. Highly recommended.

    • Roman Empire Farms

      Thank you for your review Alex! We’re so happy to hear you love the roll-on.

  2. Krysala

    I was gifted a package from Roman Empire Farms with a roll-on and a tincture and was very pleased .
    The roll-on is always so calming and convenient to take anywhere. I will be a returning customer!!

  3. Tamara

    Great product! I absolutely love the way it smells and it seems to work almost immediately.

  4. Concetta R.

    Hands down the best CBD topical I have ever used. I love how it absorbs into my skin immediately and the lavender scent is so calming. I love it!

  5. Kala S.

    There are a lot of CBD brands out there and you never really now what you are getting. I was recommended Roman Empire Farms by a friend and was impressed that they grow the hemp on their own property. I like to support local companies when I can, and you can really tell the owners put aot of effort into their products. I’ve been using the roll on for pain in my wrist from an old injury and it also seemed to help with swelling I had in my knee recently. I am going to try it on my forehead next time I have a headache. So far, I’m very impressed!

  6. Marcel

    Such an amazing product! I love the way it smells and it does wonders for my migraines. Thank you Roman Empire Farms!

  7. Rolando

    Perfect strength to help with pain relief. I use it on my lower back and knees. It smells nice too.

  8. Kit W.

    Amazing! I love this topical.

  9. Kristina

    This is the best topical I have ever used. It smells amazing too! Thank you.

  10. Dominick

    I’ve been using this for about a month and all I can say is it’s awesome. It smells really good and seems to help with my elbow pain and knee pain. I definitely recommend.

  11. Noelle B.

    I’ve tried other CBD creams and salves that were supposed to help with pain relief, all around 350mg. Nothing has helped me more than this oil has. 800mg is probably more than you need but let me tell you, it does the trick. It also smells amazing. So glad I found this brand.

  12. KarinaKelly

    I’ve been looking for a CBD cream to use for migraines that I occasionally suffer from as I had read it can help with headaches. I didn’t know where to begin considering there are so many brands, but my cousin recommended Roman Empire Farms and I really like that they company grows their own hemp. I’ve done my research and a lot of other CBD brands use oil from other farms so they don’t really know the quality of the oil. I would always rather support smaller, family businesses over big corporations anyway, and as a New Yorker I am happy to support a local company. I decided to try it and so far it’s been very good. I rub into my forehead and temples when I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed. It has also seemed to help with my headaches. I’m looking forward to trying the sleep gummies next.

  13. Allen

    One of the best CBD topicals I have ever used. It is very potent and has a pleasant and relaxing scent.

  14. KMA8826

    I hurt my foot last summer. I was experiencing chronic pain for weeks. I started using my roll on daily and was so thankful for the relief it gave me. I 100% recommend this product!

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